Update COVID-19

During these changing times with the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK and elsewhere, MyAccess Clinics are adapting the way we are able to support patients to ensure their safety. Please be assured our priority always is to operate responsibly for the benefit of our patients. Please telephone 0203 983 4007 if you would like more information about requesting an assessment.

The support you need from people who care.

MyAccess Clinics provides leading independent advice to help patients access medical cannabis treatments.

We pride ourselves on a reputation of delivering affordable and supportive care for patients suffering from debilitating conditions including:

Neuropathic or chronic pain
Generalised anxiety disorder
Sleep disorder

You don’t need a referral from your doctor to make an appointment but you do need to be under the care of a doctor.

Once we have a treatment plan in place for you, as part of our multidisciplinary approach, we will inform your doctor of the treatment to help provide all-round care.

Telehealth Icon

Clinics, telehealth and home support.

MyAccess Clinics have clinics conveniently located throughout the UK, with patient bookings required in advance. Telehealth is a convenient alternative for those patients unable to visit us in person and includes a secure video consultation with one of our specialists. Telehealth is available nationwide and costs the same as an in person consultation.

In special circumstances we can also arrange in-home assessments via our domiciliary care arrangements. To arrange an in-home assessment we will assess your individual needs to provide the best service possible. In-home assessments do carry an additional cost.


Everyday people, everyday doctors.

MyAccess Clinics work within the guidelines set out by the GMC, MHRA and NHS England.

Our healthcare professional team includes specialist consultants and registered nurses. We know that by the time patients come to us they have tried other treatments without success and need to feel reassured.

MyAccess Clinics are all regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care in England. Our clinics are one of the first medical cannabis clinics regulated by the CQC.


Cannabis-based products for medicinal use.

Medical cannabis-based products can help with certain medical problems that have been hard to treat using conventional medicine. Through a detailed assessment our practitioners will establish if they think the treatments we offer will be beneficial to you.

Cannabis-based products can help people that have already tried licensed medicines which have failed to meet their special clinical need. Medical cannabis, when prescribed correctly after a detailed assessment and closely managed supervision, can offer a potential treatment option for patients with a range of physical and mental health issues.

How MyAccess Clinics can help you.

MyAccess Clinics support patients using expertise from a team of clinicians and pride ourselves on our one-to-one care.

To get an assessment and access to our services we have an easy two-step process.


Step 1

Fill out a short form to let us know some basics, like how to get in touch and what you need support with.


Step 2

One of our nursing staff will call you back to discuss your needs in more detail to make sure we get you to see the right specialist before your appointment. This usually happens within three working days.

Get An Assessment

Consultation Pricing

First Appointment

Initial assessment with one of our Specialist doctors £99

Follow Up Appointments


Domiciliary Visits

Domiciliary (home care) visits can be arranged subject to review and need.

Initial assessments £300
Follow-up assessments £100

Medication Costs

Most patients can anticipate their medicine costs to be approximately £200 per month. It can vary depending on your prescription and where you seek to fill it.

Contact us

Operating Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am to 5pm

Bank Holidays – Closed

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Telehealth support

We can also offer care and support over the phone or by video call. In special cases we can arrange in-home visits.

E: info@myaccessclinics.com

T: 0203 983 4007