If you think that medical cannabis may be able to help you manage your symptoms, the first step is assessing your eligibility for a prescription. Contact us at MyAccess Clinics for advice on your eligibility for medical cannabis oil in the UK.

There are many well known illnesses that medical cannabis may be used to help manage. If you have tried alternative methods for managing your pain or other difficulties with your illness and haven’t found any relief, it’s possible that pursuing a prescription for medical cannabis oil in the UK may be able to help. 

Conditions we treat:

  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritic pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Pain associated with cancer
  • Migraine or cluster headaches
  • Anxiety, PTSD and depression
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental conditions 

If you suffer from any of these conditions and have tried and failed when attempting at least two different medications to manage your condition, you may be eligible for a referral to MyAccess clinic from your doctor. This way, we can support you with assessing if medical cannabis may provide some relief. 

At least one third of the population in the UK is affected by chronic pain, and these issues are often either difficult to treat, or in some cases impossible with standard medication. The impact of chronic pain can affect the patient’s mental state just as harshly as their body, resulting in a slew of mental health conditions as well. While it is possible that medical cannabis could be helpful for those suffering with chronic pain, specialists understand that we still need to be very careful when it comes to prescribing this medication.

The reason the eligibility requirements for medical cannabis oil in the UK are so specific is because medical cannabis is classified as an unlicensed medicine in the UK. While it is completely legal if prescribed correctly, there are still some strict rules that must be followed to ensure that both patient and medical cannabis specialist are making the right choice with their treatment.

There are also two different naturally occurring cannabinoids (the active compound in medical cannabis that we use to manage your symptoms), and it’s important to make sure that patients are being prescribed the correct one to help manage their pain. Even if you have been referred to a medical cannabis specialist, it still doesn’t necessarily mean that they will determine that it will be the best form of management for your condition. 

The legislation of medical cannabis oil in the UK allows only specialist doctors that must be registered on the General Medical Council Specialist Register to prescribe these medicines. MyAccess Clinics is one such registered organisation and this is why we are able to offer prescription services to patients. At this point, eligibility is still on a case-by-case basis as medical cannabis might work wonders in helping some patients manage their pain, but for others it might do very little. 

So in summary, if you are suffering from a medication condition that has not been helped with prior medications, it may be in your best interest to speak with your doctor about getting a referral to a team of medically cannabis specialists such as those at MyAccess Clinics. We can take the time to assess if medical cannabis oil available in the UK would be the best way to help manage your pain and take you through the whole treatment process to make sure you are safe and healthy.